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I started this blog  to communicate with my customers, as well, as everybody else who has questions to answer or problems to solve regarding their vehicles. I have 25 years of combined experience as an automotive technician and mechanical engineer.  I decided to start  my auto repair shop because I am now looking from my unusual professional experience, and see things that I can do better than traditional automotive specialist. Modern vehicles became infinitely more complex in mechanical, and especially electrical aspects. Typical modern car is an example of sophisticated automation system on the wheels which often demand rich unconventional knowledge base. Sometimes this knowledge can’t be even found in factory manuals, instead it is coming from practical experience of people who working on the cars, and surprisingly also from those who just driving them. I believe that one of the greatest diagnostic “tools”  in the shop is customer himself, who can provide really valuable information. So I hope maybe this blog would be helpful for both of us.


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  1. Hans says:

    I have a problem with my 2004 Cadillac SRX. The key would not come out of ignition lock, and antitheft system light at the instrument panel stays on.
    The car starts up and runs though. Any ideas?

    Thank you

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